Kalamata Olive Oil SUN*MED

Extra Virgin (K, GR)

Packing: 12 x 750ml

Pallet: 84

UPC: 35750

Extra Virgin (K, GR)

Packing: 6 x 2It

Pallet: 60

UPC: 35020

Extra Virgin (K, GR)

Packing: 1 x 7It

Pallet: 50

UPC: 35755

Item description: 

When it comes to Olives and Olive Oil the Hellenic world is full of legends, myths and history. Any version you follow, the theme is the same. That the Olive tree was a “God given” present to the Athenians, who took it and it slowly spread throughout the whole Mediterranean. Nevertheless the original extra virgin olive oil comes from Greece, and to this day the highest quality extra virgin olive oil is produced in Greece. Thousands of years ago and up to this day, Hellenic Olive Oil, is of the highest value added product, the source of life, and the basis of a healthy

Mediterranean Diet. It is not a secret that the Italian companies import

Greek Extra Virgin Olive in bulk, blend it with other oils to add flavor and

export it all over the world as extra virgin.


100 % Hellenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Kalamata region


As mentioned above this product is the basis of a healthy Mediter-

ranean Diet.  As such use “SUN*MED – KALAMATA, EXTRA VIRGIN

OLIVE OIL, as your basic ingredient in cooking, salads, baking, etc..

You will see the difference in taste and in your health. JUST TRY IT


Nutritional Facts

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